“Brotherly Lore is about the constantly colliding worlds of two brothers; Dave and Bran. The two play off each other through the challenges of everyday life.”

Brotherly Lore will be updated every Friday on this site, Tumblr and Tapastic.

Bird Songs

Listen to the soothing, calm tone of his voice…


If the devil had feathers and ate crackers…he would be Gepetto.

Non Precipitating

Watering the plants, washing the car…always the same outcome.


The only thing to rival his evil nature is his love for sugar…


Some never leave the house for their own good…

Checks and Balances

She really does have it all figured out…

First and Last

Always read the ‘fine print’…

The Wild

Beware of the things that go ‘grump’ in the night…

The CatFix

You can choose the wet food or the dry food…


Cats always win…


Scratch away…


“Life finds a way…”

True Grit

Don’t overlook the ‘finer’ details…

Moving Day

A new habitat!

Losing the Bet

The TRUE repercussions of gambling…


Time to pay the piper!

Greater Expectations

They’re always judging you: Always…


Put those nubby arms in the air like you just don’t care!

Mind Games

Always give credit where credit is due…

Labor of Dislike

You’ve got to do what you love even if what you love is world domination.

Behind Closed Stores

At Wintergreen, you’re never a temporary hire

The Hiring

At Wintergreen, the job applies for YOU…

Loss Prevention

Stan really wasn’t a valuable asset to the team anyway…

De facto

I’m not saying it was aliens…but it was aliens!

Valuable Lessons

Recognizing you have a problem is half the battle…

Form Fitting

10% certainty: 90% convenient recollection

One Size Fits All

See all things are multi-purpose! Well okay, maybe not everything…


Never question the viewing pleasure of 4K TV. Ever.


Exiting atmosphere in 3…2…1…

Pecking Order

Every organization has a leader. Even evil pigeony ones!

Pigeons 101

Yes, their evil comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes!  

Feathery Foes

They may be cute…but never take your eyes off of them. Not for a second…

Smell of Success

Always watch where you’re stepping; even on the career path…

The Healing Process

The first step to recovery…is admitting you have a problem.

The Proof is Out There

I guess upper management has a double meaning…

Job Description

Sometimes being ‘overqualified’ is an understatement…


We fight the good fight everyday; no matter what the profession

Silver Linings

For all of those situations when things couldn’t possibly get any worse…

Melting Point

Positive reinforcement at its finest!


You’ve got to look at the whole picture: You’re only as big as your dreams!

Hard Pitch!

If you’re going to sell your ideas: sell ’em hard!