As a little boy i always had a passion to draw…even though at first it exclusively consisted of just dinosaurs….
As time passed i began to vary it a bit more, sketching Dragonball Z characters like most kids my age, inventing various superheroes of my own, sketching my own comic books; I even became obsessed with story boarding episodes of the cartoons I made. Midway through high school I decided to seriously pursue my art and applied to several art schools. In ’03 I got accepted to Massachusetts College of Art with the goal to professionally train in the arts of animation due to my obsession for storyboarding. I can’t stress enough how much i thoroughly enjoyed my experience here, and miss every moment of it to this day. At MassArt I learned a great deal from friends, colleagues, my incredible animation teachers as well as met the girl who would be my future wife, Angel. After four years of learning traditional animation, stop motion, flash and digital video editing I finally graduated MassArt in ’07 and succeeded in earning my Bachelors in Fine Arts and Animation. Today i enjoy freelance work and finally working on publishing cartoons and comics of my own.

Always draw. Every day.